Explore Our Different Types of Trailer Rentals in Bozeman, MT

Big Boys Toys is a go-to destination for trailer rentals in Bozeman. We offer a range of trailer rentals for all your hauling needs. Explore our collection and call us today for a quote!

4-Place ATV/Snowmobile Trailers

Here’s a trailer designed to transport four items or vehicles. Looking to haul four motorcycles, four ATVs, or similar recreational vehicles? Look no further than our 4-Place Snowmobile Trailers.

4-Place ATV/Snowmobile Trailers Rental Features

Weight: 1,620 lbs

Capacity: 3,820 lbs

GVWR: 5,440 lbs

Deck Width: 100″

Deck Length: 20′

Tires: ST175/80D 13C

2” ball required

4-Flat wire plug-in

Carry 4 ATVs, 2 UTVs, or 4 Snowmobiles

3-Place Motorcycle Trailers

The 3-Place Echo Motorcycle Trailer can transport up to three motorcycles. It features adjustable wheel chocks and tie-down points to secure the motorcycles during transportation.

3-Place Motorcycle Trailers Rental Features

Empty Weight: 450 lbs

Carry Capacity: 1530 lbs

GVWR: 1980 lbs

Length: 129″

Width: 68″

Height: 28″ Top of Fender

Deck Height: 18″

Deck Length/Width: 83″ X 52″

Tongue Length: 47″

Utility Trailers

At BBT, our utility trailers are versatile, open trailers used for transporting goods, equipment, or vehicles. They come in various sizes and designs for different purposes.

Utility Trailers Rental Features

Various sizes

Various load capacities

Removable or fold-down sides

Multiple tie-down points


Optional ramps

Open design

Heavy Duty Trailers

Our heavy-duty trailers are robust, designed for transporting large loads or equipment. They feature sturdy construction, high load capacities, and durable components for rugged use.

Heavy Duty Trailers Rental Features

High load capacities

Reinforced frames and axles

Heavy-duty suspension systems

Larger tires

Integrated braking systems

Robust construction

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