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How To Choose the Right Golf Cart Rental Company: Factors to Consider

These days, golf carts are popular on and off the golf course- and with good reason. They’re incredibly versatile, easy to maintain, and just plain fun. In fact, some cities in the USA use golf carts as their main mode of transport!

But it’s not always practical to purchase a golf cart, especially if you’re only going to use it a few times. That’s where golf cart rentals come in.

Rentals are a great way to enjoy the perks of a golf cart without committing to ownership. Whether you’re planning a one-time event, a weekend getaway, or regular games at your local course, a good golf cart rental can make all the difference.

But given the number of rental companies out there, deciding on the right one might be overwhelming. Let’s tee off into a few factors you must consider when selecting a golf cart rental service.

1. Reputation and Reviews

When looking for a rental company, checking their reputation is key. It’s important to read reviews from past customers to get a feel for what you’re walking into. Positive reviews often mean you’re making a good choice.

Here’s how to find a trustworthy rental company: conduct a quick online search for customer feedback. Websites dedicated to reviews are a goldmine in this regard. Look for patterns in what people are saying. If you see a bunch of happy customers, you’re on the right track.

And remember, a reputable company isn’t shy about sharing its successes and how it has made customers smile. So, keep your eyes peeled for glowing reviews and testimonials. Stick with those, and you’re likely to have a smooth rental experience.

2. Fleet Quality and Selection

Not all golf carts are made the same. You want to pick the right type and size for your preferences. Maybe you need a compact cart for quick rounds, or perhaps a larger one for group outings. In either case, the fit must be just right.

Look for a fleet that stands out in upkeep and presentation. Well-maintained carts- those with no signs of wear and tear, long-lasting batteries, and perhaps even some added perks like comfortable seating and navigational aids- indicate the rental company values your satisfaction.

Put simply, a quality fleet means you’re more likely to have a trouble-free day on the course. So, take some time to choose wisely.

3. Rental Policies and Fees

Reviewing the company’s rental policies upfront can save you from future stress. It lets you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

We recommend you get familiar with the terms and conditions to avoid surprises. Pay attention to how long you can rent the cart, how much it’ll cost, and if you’ll need to put in a deposit. A reputable rental company will be honest and transparent about its pricing structures.

Also, ask about the cancellation policy. If plans change, you should know how it affects your wallet. Don’t forget to check for extra fees, like what happens if the cart gets damaged.

Being informed means you’re in the driver’s seat. Always read the fine print and ask questions if something isn’t clear.

4. Pricing and Packages

Rental companies often have a whole menu of rental packages, with options ranging from basic to premium. These can vary greatly in terms of what’s included and at what price. As a customer, you need to understand the specifics of each package to avoid overpaying or missing out on things.

Here are some tips to secure the best golf cart rental service for your budget.

  • Don’t settle for the first rental company you come across. Check out multiple options to see who offers the best value.
  • Pay close attention to package details. Look out for hidden fees or essential services like insurance and mileage allowances.
  • Ask if there are any special offers or discounts for longer rentals.
  • Consider all costs, such as deposits, insurance, and extra charges, not just the headline rental rate.

At the end of the day, the goal is to maximize your investment. You should be able to relish your outing fully without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Customer Service and Support

Good customer service can turn an average golf outing into an exceptional one. Friendly, helpful staff who go out of their way to address your concerns can make you feel at ease with renting.

Examples of positive customer service are as follows.

  • Staff quickly resolving issues, like a last-minute vehicle change or a billing discrepancy.
  • Representatives taking the time to explain terms in detail, ensuring you fully understand your rental agreement.
  • Employees offering recommendations for your specific needs, such as suggesting the most suitable type of vehicle for your outing.

A company that puts a premium on customer service is likely to handle any potential hiccups efficiently. With them, you know you’re in good hands.

6. Location and Convenience

Ideally, you want to work with a local golf cart rental company to steer clear of long transport times and potentially high delivery fees. The closer the company, the easier it is to pick up and return the golf cart.

Some companies may offer to deliver the golf cart directly to your location and pick it up once you’re done. This service can be a game-changer, especially if you’re managing a tight schedule or if the rental is part of a larger event that requires careful coordination.

To make things easier:

  • Choose a company close to your venue to avoid long travel times.
  • Make sure they can handle returns or issues even after they close. This is vital for events that run late.
  • Explore partner venues. Some rental companies work closely with golf courses or event locations to offer deals/easier services.
  • Check if the company offers on-site assistance or rapid response for any problems during the rental.

7. Safety and Maintenance

Your golf cart rental must meet the highest safety and maintenance benchmarks for all-around protection. Otherwise, you’ll leave yourself and your loved ones prone to devastating accidents.

Before you pick a rental company, make sure their equipment meets all safety regulations. A reliable rental company will be transparent about their maintenance routines and happy to share safety certifications.

Here’s what signals a company takes safety seriously.

  • Frequent Maintenance: The best companies regularly check and fix their equipment to keep it running safely.
  • Safety Gear: See if the company offers essentials like seat belts and gives clear instructions on how to use them.
  • Newer Models: Modern golf carts often have better safety features. Companies that invest in the latest models care about your safety.
  • Safety Briefing: A reputable company will walk you through how to operate the cart safely, pointing out any specific features or precautions.

You can ask about what happens if the cart breaks down as a litmus test. If the company has a solid plan for emergencies, they’re ready for the unexpected.


Picking the right golf cart rental service goes beyond choosing the nearest option or the one with the lowest prices. It’s about considering all the factors mentioned above. Take the time to evaluate each of these aspects for a hassle-free, safe, and enjoyable rental experience. A bit of research and asking the right questions will set you up for a fantastic time on the golf course.

At BBT Rentals, we have the perfect golf cart rental for your next outdoor adventure! Whether you’re looking for extra seating to share the fun with friends or need a practical cargo box for your gear, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to make your next outing unforgettable.

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