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Canyon Coolers for Sale: High-Quality Cooling Performance

Looking for the best bang for your buck? Canyon Coolers cost less than the leading competitor on the market. Did we mention that we also have more sizes to choose from, a lifetime warranty (compared to their 5 year warranty), and are made with the same construction techniques? The answer is obvious – keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket and buy a cooler that’s just as tough.

Coolers for Sale


If mud, rocks, rivers, and tall trees call your name like they do ours, then you probably need a cooler that will keep up in tough climates and rough terrain. That’s why Canyon Coolers are made with Seriously Super Tough Roto-Molded PE Construction with a 2.7” thick wall. Not to mention they are certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee – because a grizzly has no right to be getting in your grub. Whether you’re looking for a hunting, marine, or whitewater cooler we guarantee our toughness can’t be beat.

How to Get Optimal Ice Retention

  • Pre-cooling is the single best thing for ice retention. Remember, the first think your ice has to cool is the cooler itself! Sacrifice a bag of ice the night before your adventure – this will take the insulation temperature way down. If your garage is 80 degrees, so is the cooler.
  • Start with cold food and drinks! If your drinks and food are warm, you will melt more ice rapidly. Just one warm six-pack can kill almost 10 lbs of ice.
  • Good block ice will always last far longer.
  • To drain or not to drain? Depends – leave the water for short trips, it cools drinks more quickly. ON longer trips we suggest draining the water daily, just don’t leave the plug out.
  • Fill it ups as much as possible. Air is not your friend? 1 2:1 ice to food ration is best. If space is tight in your cooler, try dry ice (handle with care and keep it dry) Keep air space to a minimum to encourage longer lasting ice – the more ice the better.
  • Don’t leave the lid open for extended periods of time.
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