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Summer Fishing Boat Rentals: Your Ticket to a Perfect Day on the Water

To say fishing is a popular recreational activity in Montana would be an understatement. The state has over three million angler days annually, and fishing generates more than $900 million in economic activity.

Experts say summer is the best time for fly fishing in Montana. It typically falls between July and September every year. The weather is dry with plenty of sunshine. Yet, the temperature is not too high. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you wanted to go fishing and spend a day out with family. That’s where summer fishing boat rentals come in.

Let’s learn more about summer fishing boat rentals.

Understanding the Advantages of Summer Fishing Boat Rentals

We know what you are thinking – I would rather put my boat in the river. While that’s a great idea, renting a fishing boat is a much better option. In fact, renting any camping or outdoor equipment is a good idea.

Here’s why:

1. Availability:

Fishing boat rentals are readily available, especially during the summer. You can find them all over the state. Plus, a top-notch fishing spot is likely just a short trip away. That makes it easy to rent a fishing boat.

2. Plenty of Options:

The second benefit is that summer fishing boat rentals offer plenty of options. If you are a serious angler, you can rent a bass boat. On the other hand, spacious pontoon boats are perfect for groups and families. It’s easy to find a rental that fits your needs and budget.

3. Explore New Waters:

When you own a boat, you will most likely go to the nearest fishing spot. But summer fishing boat rentals present an opportunity to explore new waters. Each rental can be a gateway to different rivers and lakes.

For example, if you rent a fishing boat from Big Boys Toys, you can explore many fishing spots in and around Bozeman. Renting is much easier and more cost-effective than hauling your own boat to the fishing spot.

4. Gear Flexibility:

Many summer fishing boat rentals are flexible. When you rent a boat, you can bring your favorite gear or use the equipment that came with your package. This offers a dual advantage. For one, you can use a gear you are comfortable with. Second, you can experiment with new gear without buying it.

5. No Ownership Costs:

Owning a boat is expensive. A fishing boat needs regular maintenance, storage fees, repairs, and registration. A fishing boat rental eliminates these burdens. It allows you to enjoy fishing for a fraction of the cost.

6. Cost-effective:

Renting a fishing boat is cost-effective, especially for those who fish occasionally. It’s a practical choice. You can just book your rental, show up, use the boat, and leave. There’s no need for storage, maintenance, and repair.

7. Convenience:

Typically, summer fishing boat rentals include all the necessary gear and accessories, including safety equipment, navigation tools, and sometimes bait and tackle. In other words, you can show up in your khakis and take the boat out for fishing.

8. Safety:

Reputed rental companies, like Big Boys Toys, maintain their fleet religiously. Each fishing boat is in excellent condition and has the necessary safety gear. That means you can enjoy your fishing adventure without worrying about safety.

Choose the Right Boat for Your Summer Fishing Adventure

There’s a boat for every type of angler. Choosing the right one makes your fishing experience more memorable. Typically, you will have three types of fishing boats to pick from.

They include

1. Bass Boats

Bass boats are for serious anglers. These are exceptional for fishing bass and other freshwater species. These boats come with powerful outboard motors. They have a low, streamlined profile, which allows you to navigate shallow waters. These fishing boats also feature a rod holder, a live well for keeping your catch, and a trolling motor.

2. Pontoon Boats

These fishing boats are a go-to for leisurely fishing trips. They are ideal for an outing with family and friends as these boats feature a large deck. These boats are stable, which provides a safe environment for kids and less experienced boaters. However, they are not built for speed. You can also find a rental with comfortable seating and canopies.

3. Center Console Boats

A center console boat is a great option if you fish offshore and inshore. With the helm at the center, you get 360-degree access to the entire boat. That’s a huge plus for fishing. These boats can also handle large waves.

Plan Your Summer Fishing Trip

To get the most out of your fishing trip, you will need to plan it to the tee. You will need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Choose a fishing spot known for its good fishing and beautiful scenery.
  • Make sure you have all the required fishing licenses and permits for the area.
  • Map out your fishing route to make your trip successful.
  • Find out what fish species are in season during your trip to target only active populations.
  • Make sure all your fishing equipment is in good condition.
  • Pack all your essentials like sunscreen, snacks, plenty of water, and suitable clothing.
  • Always check the weather before heading out.
  • Be sure everyone going with you understands the safety regulations.

Find the Right Fishing Boat Rental Provider

Finding the right fishing boat rental provider is equally important. A reputable provider will help you find the fishing boat you need. Secondly, they will provide you with the necessary support.
Finding the right rental provider starts with checking online reviews. These are a direct reflection of how good the rental provider is.

Next, you can check what fishing boat rentals they provide. Check their features, rates, and other service benefits. Compare the offers from various providers. You would want to find a rental provider who offers what you require at a reasonable price.

While you are at it, understand their cancellation and weather-related policies as well. It’s better to work with someone who is transparent about their pricing and policies.

Make the Most of Your Rental Experience

While your summer fishing boat rental will include the necessary equipment, you will still need to carry your essentials. As mentioned, summer is the best time for fishing in Montana. That means you will need to carry essentials like sunscreen, hats, adequate water, and snacks.

We recommend carrying all the drinking water you need. Many fishing spots, including the Smith River, are in remote areas. You will not have access to public services; even your cell phone may not have bars. Be sure to carry your medications and a first aid kit with you.

Also, talk to the local anglers and rental providers to know about the best fishing spots in the area. They can provide invaluable tips on where the fish are biting. They will also tell you about the most effective baits or lures. Gathering this information will make your trip successful.

Always Think of Your Safety First

Safety always comes first. If you are unsure about what safety measures to take, talk to the staff at the summer fishing boat rental shop. They can also help you understand local regulations to ensure your safety during the trip.

Typically, fishing spots in Montana are in remote areas. So, pack all your medications, including a first aid kit, which we have already discussed. Besides this, you should wear a life jacket when on the boat. Urge everyone to do this regardless of their swimming skills. Water levels and force can quickly change, especially in rivers with rapids.

Be sure your fishing boat is equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and communication devices. You might need these in emergencies. Check if these instruments are working.


Renting a fishing boat can make your summer fishing trip unforgettable. It’s practical, flexible, and fun. But make sure to rent a fishing boat from a trusted provider. Also, plan your trip and take necessary safety precautions. This will only add to your summer fishing experience. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a great day on the water!

As far as rentals go, Big Boys Toys is here to help. We offer summer fishing boat rentals and more. Contact us to rent yours today!

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