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NRS Otter 140 Whitewater Rafting for Rental

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The NRS Otter 140 14’ Self-Bailing Raft is the perfect choice for serious whitewater enthusiasts. With a tough PVC-coated material and a welded I-beam floor, this raft is built to withstand the most rugged conditions. The self-bailing design means you don’t have to worry about constantly bailing out water, and the 14-foot length provides ample space for gear and passengers. Whether you’re running big water or navigating technical rapids, the NRS Otter 140 delivers top-notch performance and stability. Plus, it’s backed by NRS’s legendary quality and customer service, so you can hit the water with confidence. Order now and experience the ultimate in rafting adventure.
Needs a trailer to transport ($10/day)
60” Fishing Frame fits this boat


  • Paddles: Up to 4
  • PFD’s: Up to 6 (Infant / Child / Youth / Adult / Adult Oversize sizes)
  • Bow Throw Bag: 75’

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